Jesus, only 155hp out of a 3.1 liter six? My designed-in-1989 300ZX makes 70hp more from its 3.0. I know this is a performance car versus a family sedan, but nearly a decade later and you can't even come close? Hell, even the Contour of the time made 195hp from a 2.5l V6. » 3/27/15 2:15pm Friday 2:15pm

So good ol' Max here reads Jalopnik, huh? Well Max, how did you think this was going to go for you? They'd come back on their knees apologizing and groveling for not listening to you sooner? Conspiring with (the apparently still alive) Saddam on how they can possibly get put of this blatant disregard for journalistic… » 3/24/15 2:06pm Tuesday 2:06pm