I've been a bit of a fan of Ford for a long time, but they've done so much wrong that I can't place them on love status. I love me some Mustang, the ST twins are the best things in their category right now, and the Ford GT is a vehicle that I'm truly in love with, but that doesn't totally excuse the 90's. They've been… » 10/29/14 10:51am 10/29/14 10:51am

Bah, go try it again. It took a few days to get used to the new healing and the way you take damage (meaning you actually have to try), but everyone has already adjusted and it's fine. Sure, you can't gather entire rooms anymore, but that was stupid anyway. I'm leveling a Disc Priest right chaining dungeons and BGs… » 10/27/14 2:14pm 10/27/14 2:14pm

The best mods for Wranglers are really not the "glorious" ones, like lockers and a winch. Although a slight lift (2-3") with the biggest tires you can fit will do wonders. People think you need big height to fit tires, but really you just need good, properly adjusted bump stops (assuming your drivetrain can handle the… » 10/25/14 12:08pm 10/25/14 12:08pm