I worked with a lady that constantly called it Chih-pol-tay. For some reason she always managed to say that particular word much louder than the rest of the sentence, almost as if she wanted people to know she was pronouncing it correctly... or so she thought. » 5/04/15 1:39pm Today 1:39pm

My buddy had one on his rock crawler, it was amazing for leaning out the window and making sure you weren’t about to slide sideways off a boulder and roll. We also put hand throttle controls on our shifters so we only had to worry about 2 pedals while stopped on the edge of climbing a cliff face. Made life a lot less… » 4/30/15 12:30pm Thursday 12:30pm

Why the fuck did they put it in 4WD in the first place? Of course it’s going to turn “notchy,” the transfercase is engaged and you’re turning it on dry pavement! That’s bad enough, but then tell you you need CVs and half shafts??? What a bunch of incompetent idiots! » 4/29/15 4:01pm Wednesday 4:01pm

As someone pointed out in another comment, the guy had a BAC of .19, meaning he was very, very drunk. No ESC system can prevent what a drunk person will do with their vehicle in a situation like that. The ESC was completely irrelevant in this case, since it looks like he cranked the wheel over too early anyway and… » 4/29/15 12:41pm Wednesday 12:41pm

I really want to see a forum post or something from this idiot telling the story with the same screenshots on VWVortex. That would make my night. I’d make an event out of it — grab a beer or two and sit back while this kid gets shamed from the forum, trying to take as many other “faggets” down with him as possible. » 4/29/15 12:12pm Wednesday 12:12pm